Talia Seidman
Talia Seidman

One Child At A Time

Assisting Homebound & Medically Fragile Children Throughout The United States


Since its inception, after the untimely death of 7 year old, Talia Seidman, the Talia Seidman Foundation has worked with various schools and school districts - assisting them with the continued daily education of their medically fragile, homebound students.

The mission of the Talia Seidman Foundation is to work towards ensuring that someday all of these sick children have the opportunity to continue their daily education by videoconferencing into the classrooms and schools that they previously attended.

In 2001 when the foundation was set up, it was decided by its founders, Ron and

Andrea Seidman (Talia's parents), that no child should be refused this opportunity based on race, sex, religion or financial status. As a result 100% of all funds donated to this 501(c)3 public charity goes towards purchasing equipment and services, which is then loaned out to the children and their classrooms.

Various children in different states such as Pennsylvania, Connecticut, New York, North Carolina and Florida have been helped by the foundation, without even $1 being charged to the parents, schools or school districts.

If you know of a child in need, please do not hesitate to contact us at
(215) 519-1993